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This Privacy Policy should be read in conjunction with our Communication Policy found here combined they form how we handle your personal information.



Hey there!

Welcome to the “Whoopsie”, part of Clipeus family! Across our group of companies we're a blend of protection experts, brokers, and repair and support enthusiasts. Most importantly, we're a bunch of folks who deeply care about keeping your personal info safe and sound.

When we say "we" or "us" “Clipeus” “Whoopsie” unless otherwise stated, we're chatting about a specific Clipeus company, which in this instance is Clipeus Services Ltd. Your information is shared across the group of companies inline with this policy, and mainly for the easier and streamlined administration of any services we provide to you, handling repairs/claims/installation/sales processing, customer services, complaints, and other tasks that require communication about your policy between the companies.

If you're sorting out a service/policy for someone else, it'd be top-notch if you could share this Privacy Policy with them. They need to read, understand and accept this Policy along with the other appropriate terms and conditions and Communication Policy.

By sharing your details or the info of someone with us, you're giving us the right to use it just like we've described within this Privacy Policy. From time to time, we might drop you a note about specific ways we'd like to use your data.

Things change, So we might tweak this Privacy Policy now and then - maybe due to new tech, changes in how we handle data, or just the law doing its thing. It's a good shout to swing by our website now and then to stay in the loop with the latest info.

Grab a cup of tea (if you’re a tea drinker) and have a look through our privacy and communication policies.




Our Privacy Principles
At Clipeus, we genuinely care about your data. Here's a quick breakdown of how we handle it:

  • We'll always be transparent and fair when dealing with your personal info.
  • We only gather the data we genuinely need, and we make sure it fits the purpose you gave it to us for.
  • Keeping things fresh and up-to-date is crucial. So, if your details change, let us know so we can keep our records accurate.
  • We're not hoarders! We'll only hold onto your information for as long as it serves its purpose.
  • Security's our jam. We've got measures in place to make sure your info is safe and sound.
  • You've got rights when it comes to your data, and we respect them fully.
  • Fancy some international talk? If we ever send your data outside the UK or to places the UK regulator gives a thumbs up (like countries within the EEA), we make sure it's super secure. This means doing things like setting strict rules for the receiving party and always assessing the risks.
  • Oh, and just to set the record straight: neither Clipeus UK nor any of our Clipeus family are in the business of selling your info.


How do we collect your personal information?

So, let's chat about how we get to know a bit more about you. Mostly, it comes from two places: what you share with us and what others share about you.


For example, maybe you chatted with us on the phone, filled out a form, or posted something on our forums – that's all you. On the other side, we might also get some info from folks like insurance brokers or credit agencies, or even have a peek at databases like the electoral register. We may also be passed your data from an affiliate, third-party sales company, another insurer etc.

Want the specifics? Scroll down to see all the ways we gather info about you.

Just so you know, there are various ways we might gather a bit of info about you:


  • Chatted with us on live chat or our virtual assistant
  • Filled out a form, be it for enquiries, registering, or claims
  • Shared thoughts on our feedback forms or forums
  • Bought or tried out one of our products or services
  • Took part in a survey or gave a thumbs-up in our online polls
  • Got a quote or completed an application
  • Our website uses cookies (but not the chocolate-chip kind!). Dive into our cookies policy to know more.
  • Had a phone chat with us? We might've recorded it, and we keep tabs on basics like the date, time, and call duration.
  • Shared your details with us, online or the old-fashioned way? We store that safely.
  • Sometimes it comes straight from someone you know, like if you're a named driver on a pal's motor insurance policy or if your employer has a policy with us.
  • Credit Reference Agencies, Premium finance companies and Electoral Register.
  • Dropped a review about us on sites like Trustpilot? We check those out!
  • We collect information from social media, Search Engines, and affiliate networks.
  • If you’ve purchased a service from any of the companies in our group Clipeus Services Ltd or Clipeus Ltd, we may be passed your information.


We sometimes chat with a few other folks to gather or verify info. Here's a quick rundown of who these might be:

  • Loved Ones: Your family might touch base with us about getting you covered or including you in their plans. If you're ever unable to share info directly, they might step in on your behalf. Or, you might ask them to make a claim for you.
  • Third Party Claims Companies, Recovery Agents, or Repair engineers. They help give us the full picture or previous claims and faults.
  • Brokers & Partners: Got an insurance broker? We might connect with them. Some partners offer our services directly to you too.
  • The Clipeus Group: Our sister companies within the Clipeus Group might share some insights. Especially when helping look into complaints, claims, or for the administration or provision of any service we provide.
  • Helpers: We've got third-party service providers who give us a hand. Plus, some pals help us check claim eligibility or investigate anything fishy, like potential fraud. And yes, this might include info from Credit Reference Agencies or UK databases.
  • The Web Crowd: Used a price comparison site? We get data from those aggregators.
  • Marketing Minds: Some companies offer us consumer info for marketing, like segmenting our audience or getting lifestyle details.
  • Risk Analysts: Certain third parties pitch in with info that helps Clipeus make smarter decisions about risk and pricing.
  • Online and offline Sales and marketing firms may sell our services to you and pass your information to us.
  • Online and offline companies of any form may sell our services to you and pass your information to us.
  • Repair specialists, engineers, and engineer networks may sell our services to you and pass your information to us.


What personal information do we collect?
Let's chat about the kind of info we might gather from you. Often, it's the basics like your contact details or your bank or card info. What we ask really depends on what you're looking into or what we reckon might be up your alley.


Here's the kind of info we might gather about you:

The Basics:

  • Your contact stuff: Like your name, email, address, and phone numbers. Oh, and if you ring us, our system might remember your number.
  • Who else is on your policy: Names of the folks included and how they're connected to you.
    Your birthday, national insurance number, passport, and driving licence – the usual ID stuff.
  • Your financial details: Bank info, credit card details, and any financial histories like credit checks or past run-ins with the law or HMRC.

Your Policy and More:

  • All things insurance: Like details about your car, home, past policies or claims, and even stuff like recent damages.
  • Making a claim? We may collect information from independent specialists who we request visit your property or car.
  • Running a business? We'd want to know about it and any commercial assets.


Online Bits & Bobs:

  • Cookie crumbs! Our site uses cookies, and you can learn more in our cookies policy.
  • Your device details: IP address, what kind of device you're using, and the browser.
  • How you feel about marketing from us.


Deep Dive Details (Sensitive Stuff):

  • Your claims history including any previous fraud claims reported to any database.
  • We don't really dig for it, but details like sexual orientation might pop up indirectly – like from a 'marital status'.
  • Been on the other side of the law? We might see details about past run-ins, alleged offences, or the outcomes of any legal battles.


How do we use your personal information?

At the heart of it, we use your details to craft the perfect services for you, offer great benefits, and deliver other top-notch solutions. Whether it's something you've picked out, your workplace arranged, or even something for the fam, we've got you covered.

For instance, run into a hiccup? We'll rally a great crew of specialists and providers to help you out. Plus, we'll keep you in the loop about how things are going with your claim/repair/installation - from updates to costs.

How and Why We Process Your Personal Information:

  1. Our Core Purpose: Primarily, we process your information to offer you services, benefits, and related products (whether physical or not). This includes evaluating your application, setting up services, managing them, providing related services, quoting, and processing claims/repairs/routine services/installations. If you don’t provide the needed data, there might be services we can’t offer you.
  2. Legal Grounds: By law, we need a valid reason to process your data. The reasons include:
  • Where applicable and only for applicable products and services, meeting our legal or regulatory obligations, like maintaining records or complying with requests from regulators like the Prudential Regulatory Authority (PRA), the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), or the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO).
  • Defending our legal rights, especially during legal claims.
  • Addressing public interest matters such as fraud investigation, malpractice, and anti-money laundering checks.
  • Situations of vital interests involving life or death matters, where we might process health data.
  • With your explicit consent, especially for sensitive data or marketing purposes. Sometimes, without this consent, we might not be able to provide certain services.


  1. Technology & Storage: We use up-to-date Cloud technology for efficient data storage within the UK and Europe. If we opt for support outside these regions, we'll ensure your data is protected to UK standards. This is achieved through agreements, technical measures, and risk assessments.
  2. Ensuring Anonymity: For business insights, we often analyze anonymized data, where identification is impossible. We ensure the process is in line with regulatory guidance. Though this is a use of your data, it aligns with the original reason we collected it.


  1. Legitimate Business Needs: We might use your data for valid business reasons, like improving our services.



Who do we share your personal information with?

We may disclose your personal information to two main entities: companies within the Clipeus Group and external third-party organizations. Please refer below for more specific disclosure details. Rest assured, your personal information will only be shared in accordance with the stipulations outlined in this Privacy Policy.


Who might have access to your personal information?

Internal Disclosures within the Clipeus Group:

To provide our services, your data is shared across companies within the Clipeus Group. This sharing is often necessary for efficient business operations, fraud prevention, or due to changes in our company's structure. These companies include Clipeus Services Ltd and Clipeus Ltd.

External Disclosures to Third Parties:

Your data might be shared with various external parties for purposes described in this Privacy Policy.

Such parties include:

  • Personal Representatives: Family members, guardians, or any individual you've appointed to act on your behalf, such as your insurance broker or attorney.
  • Alternative Contacts: If you've designated a secondary contact to interact with us, they'll may have full access to your policy details, allowing them to make limited changes and discuss claims/repairs/installations.
  • Insurance Partners: This encompasses brokers, insurers, reinsurers, and other entities involved in insurance distribution.
  • Supporting Agencies: Entities that assist in the management of insurance policies or repair and maintenance contracts, for example, other insurance companies for claims processing, repair engineers, repair networks, contractors, subcontractors, and fraud detection agencies.
  • Law Enforcement: Including the police and other agencies, especially for crime prevention or detection.
  • Vehicle-Related Entities: DVLA, Motor Insurers' Information Centre, recommended garages, and services like the AA or Greenflag.
  • Third-Party Service Providers: IT providers, auditors, legal consultants, marketing agencies, research specialists, tax consultants, etc.
  • Financial and Regulatory Bodies: Financial Ombudsman Service, Financial Conduct Authority, and the Information Commissioner’s Office.
  • Emergency Entities: Loss adjusters, car hire companies, and emergency assistance firms.
  • Credit Entities: Debt collection and credit reference agencies.
  • Others: This may include entities connected with the transfer or disposal of parts of our business, central government, or others like the Employers Liability Tracing Office.


International Transfers:

Some data might be transferred to locations outside the UK, especially to our European Data Centre and some administrative sectors in India, and the Philippines. All data transfers ensure that the data protection standards are maintained as per the UK. We implement safeguards, including standard contractual clauses approved by UK regulators. Sometimes, contract performance may necessitate data transfers outside the UK.

Mandatory or Legal Disclosures:

We may need to share your information:

  • If required by law, regulatory bodies, or court orders.
  • To help prevent or detect criminal activities, including fraud.
  • In circumstances deemed to be in the public interest or where data protection law exemptions apply.
    Where you have commited fraud, we may report this.

In all cases, third parties (barring official agencies) must commit to strict confidentiality and use the data solely for the intended purpose.



How long do we keep records for?
Generally, we retain your data for a duration ranging from three to ten years after our association with you concludes. However, the specific retention period depends on the type of data, its purpose, and regulatory or legal requirements.

Our primary objective in retaining your personal data is to adhere to the purposes highlighted in this Privacy Policy and to satisfy or provide evidence of our compliance with legal and regulatory mandates. Whenever feasible and appropriate, we'll either reduce the amount of personal data or anonymize it for use in statistical or analytical activities.

The retention period varies based on the nature of the data and its intended use. For instance, quote data is typically kept for three years, while policy/agreement and claim/repair records may be retained for up to ten years post our engagement.


If there's a legal dispute or other situations that demand longer data storage, we might extend this period. Beyond the ten-year mark, we maintain a streamlined version of your data for statistical evaluations, such as pricing and risk modelling. At any point and for specific services we may hold all of your information for longer than the 10 year mark.


Your rights

Guess what? You're in control of your personal data! Let me break down what that means:

  • Get a Peek at Your Info: Curious about what personal information we have about you? Just ask, and we'll happily show you. Most times, you won’t have to pay a dime for it. If possible, we’ll shoot it over electronically. If not, we’ll send you a written copy. We do reserve the right to charge a fair amount for data access especially if it’s something other than the your basic personal information, and we may request you complete a data subject access request form.
  • 2Fix Any Mistakes: Think something’s off with your data? Let us know using your documentation details. We'll either amend it or clarify things for you.
  • Erase It: Feel like wiping the slate clean? In some scenarios, you can ask us to delete your data. If there are specific reasons (like laws or regulations) stopping us, we’ll let you know.
  • Hold Up! If you believe your data might be inaccurate, or you think we should hold onto it for legal purposes but not use it, you can ask us to press pause on using it.
  • Change Your Mind: Gave us a thumbs-up to use your data for something specific? You can always take that back. However, please note that doing so might affect certain processes like applications or claims.
  • Not Feeling Heard? If you ever think we dropped the ball on the data protection front, let us know! If we can't sort it out, you can always chat with the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO). They might want to see if we had a shot at resolving it first, so do loop us in early.

Remember, certain choices might change the services or cover we can offer. For instance, if you decide to cancel some data, it might end a policy or service. Your policy documentation spells out the nitty-gritty. If by deleting the information your service is cancelled with us, you may be charged a cancellation fee, so please check your policy/agreement.


Marketing data usage

Let's talk about your data and marketing:

  • Your Choices: Your data is yours. When it comes to marketing, we only reach out if you’ve given us the green light. This means you might hear about nifty products and services we think you'd fancy from us or our group.
  • Sharing Within Clipeus: As a valued customer, we might give a heads-up to our Clipeus Group about products or services that might pique your or your family's interest.
  • Staying Updated: If you set any marketing preferences with Clipeus, we aim to update our group of companies, unless you have a service with a specific company within our group.
  • How We Reach You: Occasionally, we might ping you about relevant goodies through mail, email, phone, or even a quick text. We team up with external companies to tailor our messages for you. And don't fret, we ensure that our emails help us understand what you enjoy reading, so you get the best content at the right time.
  • Opting Out: Want a break from our emails? Every email has an easy unsubscribe button. Or, you can let us know your preferences anytime.
  • Ads Just for You: We use your data to show you ads we believe you’d like, including on social media. Don’t fancy seeing them? Adjust your preferences on your social media settings or click on the ad to opt out.
  • Special Collaborations: Sometimes, we partner with businesses for campaigns. If we ever share your details for such promotions, we'll let you know upfront.
  • Business Marketing: On the B2B side, our marketing focuses on business needs and isn't based on individual preferences.

Who in the Clipeus Group Might Reach Out? Here's a list (which we sometimes update):

  • Clipeus Ltd
  • Clipeus Services Ltd
  • Whoopsie
  • Whoopsie Services
  • And our other brands owned by the companies within the group.

We value the trust you place in us. Remember, your data is yours and we're here to respect your choices.


How to contact the data protection office

If you’d like to speak to the data protection officer, please write to the below:

The Data Officer

The Lambourn, Wyndyke Furlong, Abingdon OX14 1UJ

[email protected]


Third-Party Links

Our site may contain links to third party websites. If you follow a link to any of these websites, please note that these websites have their own terms and privacy policies and that we do not accept any responsibility or liability for them.

Finally, we are subject to UK data protection laws, which we comply with fully and to which we give the greatest respect. You have the right to complain to the ICO if you believe we have contravened any of the requirements.